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Act Out Mystery Theatre

Act Out Mystery Theatre announces the return of their latest murder mystery dinner theatre production “Die Nasty!” The murder mystery dinner comedy company that brought you “All Aboard for Murder”, “Beached Witch”, “The Knife Before Christmas”, “Much Ado About Murder”, “Terminate Her!”, “The Curtain Call Killer”, “Screaming Mimi”, “Once Upon A Murder”, “Duck Sleuth” and their current show, “Exit Stage Death ...

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It Could Happen To You-The Tom Bridgegroom Story

I came across this video and had to put it on my site so that after our anger fades and after our tears dry for Tom Bridegroom and Shane Crone that we would not forget the overall message of love and the need to fight for equal rights for all persons in a committed relationship. Please watch the video all the way through and take a moment to reflect on where you are in your life with your loved ones and wha ...

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Marriage Equality Gives New York Economy a $275 Million Boost

New York City's decision to legalize gay marriage has helped the economy to the tune of $275 million and has accounted for 10 percent of all marriage licenses issued from July 2011. On this one year anniversary of Marriage Equality, New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg acknowledges the financial benefits the city is receiving from the "gay boom" of marriages.  "Marriage equality has made our city more ope ...

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Chick-Fil-A’s Dan Cathy Eats His Words

Last week Chick-Fil-A's COO Dan Cathy publicly denounced equal rights for the LGBT community during a radio interview and has enraged everyone from Ed Helms to Miss Piggy. During an interview on the Ken Coleman Show, Cathy's comments again reaffirmed his religious beliefs and his overall feelings toward same sex relationships, stating that because of nontraditional families-that of a man and a woman, our so ...

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True Love Conquers All

Fernando & I-A Story of everlasting love In honor of International Day Against Homophobia, I want to take this opportunity to repost (with updates) the backstory on how Fernando & I came to be together. Fernando & I met 15 years ago when I was living and working in Guatemala. I was teaching Economics, Finance, & Monetary Policy at the Central Bank. A Guatemalan mutual friend introduced us, a ...

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