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Marriage Equality Gives New York Economy a $275 Million Boost

New York City’s decision to legalize gay marriage has helped the economy to the tune of $275 million and has accounted for 10 percent of all marriage licenses issued from July 2011.

On this one year anniversary of Marriage Equality, New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg acknowledges the financial benefits the city is receiving from the “gay boom” of marriages.  “Marriage equality has made our city more open, inclusive and free — and it has also helped to create jobs and support our economy.”

The latest figures to come out of the Bloomberg office estimates more than 200,000 traveling guests to New York and over 250,000 hotel rooms being booked. With the built in costs of limo, taxi, restaurant, and all the reception and entertainment costs, gay weddings are definitely giving New York’s Travel and Tourism a much needed boost. New York Council Speaker Christine Quinn , elated with the latest figures stated: “Here we have a moment to celebrate a year of unadulterated joy and what better thing could the government do than pass laws that make people equal?”

In light of the financial success and outpouring of political support in New York, my hope is that other states will adopt new laws granting marriage equality and all the benefits and protections that encompasses, to same sex partners who want nothing more than to say: “I DO”


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