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Changing The World One Person At A Time

Changing The World One Person At A Time

It’s not easy trying to change the world. I created this site as way to empower, inspire and entertain, the LGBT community and to change the way people treat and talk to one another. What I am hoping for is a forum where people can express their TRUE feelings and I believe that once we do that, change will come.

Change starts with honesty.  I believe that we need to start with ourselves and be true and honest with what we tell ourselves. I know this is a cliche but Jack Nicholson’s character said it so perfectly in A Few Good Men when he said, “you can’t handle the truth.” Talk about hitting the nail on the mushroom head. I believe that most of us cannot handle the truth and as a result, live our whole lives in a fog of some alternate universe. We learn how to sugar coat responses, we covet our friend’s significant other and often times stay in toxic situations.

When someone ask you how are you doing after a sudden death or a tragic event-tell them the truth. Give yourself the freedom and the catharsis of expressing how depressed you may be or how angry you are that a friend betrayed you.  If you find yourself attracted to your friend’s lover, be honest and don’t allow yourself to be alone in a drunken state with him or her and say that you didn’t know what was happening due to all the alcohol consumption.

It’s time to be honest with our feelings and I would ask everyone to post something that they have always wanted to say but was too afraid to, in my new column… “Do Ask, Do Tell”.

Anything that you want advice on-you may want help getting out of an abusive relationship or need help about some sort of addiction.  Anything you want to vent about-you may have just caught your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife cheating and you want a safe place to tell your story. Anything you are not sure about and want additional information, this is your place…

Indeed changing the world is never easy and sometimes comes at a glacial pace. However, I believe that change comes one person at a time. This happens when we believe that we are not our past, that we can change our current circumstances and that we can take charge of our lives and begin to shape our own destiny the way that we have always dreamed of.

Send me your story…I would love to hear from you!

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