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Illinois Ready To Say “I DO” To Gay Marriage

Illinois FlagGay Marriage supporters are optimistic as lawmakers push to add Illinois as the 10th state in the U.S. to recognize and perform gay marriages.

Bernard Cherkasov, chief executive of Equality Illinois, said that while it will be important to gain bipartisan support, he is hopeful that with the democratic supermajorities in both the Illinois house and senate, that this new bill-granting gay couples the right to marry, will pass as soon as the newly elected officials are sworn in. Unfortunately, last minute political maneuvering and absent representatives made it impossible to bring the measure on the floor for a vote last week.

With the help of Cherkasov and other supporters such as John Knight with the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, it looks like it won’t be long when same sex couples in Illinois will be able to do just like they do in Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Washington and the District of Colombia…that is, to say “I Do!”

Other states that LGBT supporters are hoping will add same sex marriage bills include: Rhode Island, Minnesota, Wyoming, Indiana, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

If you want to do more to support the same sex marriage cause please write, email, tweet the state representatives that impact legislation.  To join the fight for marriage equality please visit the Human Rights Campaign website:


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